run over or run down?


I know that ‘run over’ means to ‘drive over someone’ but I have doubts when it comes to ‘run down’. Are they synonyms?

She was run down/over as she was crossing the road. What kind of phrasal verb is used when I want to say that the action of passing over someone was done on purpose?

Thank you very much for your help.

hey there, i’m also new here and you’ve already made me feel at home with your interesting post. interesting because i believe those two are not synonyms. run down has more to do wear due to negligence or intentional over-use. at the same time you could use it, in that context of a girl being run down by a car, and it would be proper

Hi Ana,

No, they aren’t quite synonyms.

‘Run down’ implies that the act was done on purpose, with an intent to cause harm.

‘Run over’ could be accidental, and does not imply a choice to intentionally hit the person.

Thank you very much for your replies.


Oh, I forgot to ask if the same happens with ‘knock down’ and ‘knock over’.

He got knocked over/down by a bus.

Thanks for your patience! :oops: