Run out / Run out of something / Be out of something


Now I am confused that somebody or something can be used as a subject in the following idioms.

1) Run out of
run out of something:
We were running out of food

2) Run out
run out:
The milk has run out.

3) Be out of something
Somebody be out of something:
Would you mind going to the store? We’re out of milk.

3-b) Something be out of something:
The official Olympic umbrella is out of stock.

My question is,
1) “Run out of something” can be used with Somebody as a subject?
2) “Run out” can be used with Something as a subject?

Meanwhile 3) “Be out of something” can be used with either Somebody or Something as a subject?

PS: Example sentences are from Collins, Oxford, Free dictionaries, and the link below.
Vancouver’s Warm Welcome (Published 2010)

Although I had gotten one answer from a Polish person, I was not able to believe him 100%.
I am NOT a racist. Just I wanna hear your answers.


Can you tell us what phrase you find difficult to understand? Maybe these examples will help you:,yes-weve-almost-run-out-___-cheese-butter-milk/


I am sorry for my questions being clumsy.
Let my questions be clear. Please see my shortened one with example sentences.

My question is, which sentences are correct?

  1. Jake(=person) ran out of pencils.
  2. A printer(=things) ran out of ink.
  3. Jake(=person) ran out.
  4. A printer(=things) ran out.
  5. Jake(=person) was out of pencils.
  6. A printer(=things) was out of ink.