My question would be: what does the royalty means?
I know: of more member of the royal family
2.©(usually: pl)a sum of money that is paid to somebody who has written a book,piece of music,etc. each time that it is sold or performed.
3.©(usually pl.) a sum of money that is paid by an oil or mining company to the owner of the land that they are working on.
(From:Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary;2010)
My question would be: can we say about a form of state:royalty?
I think we can say: kingdom or monarchy.
And if I know well about a country we can say: kingdom or realm, can’t we?
This is a subject of a debate :on Speaking for 20 seconds a day.
Thanks for your explanation in advance:
Kati Svaby

No explanation is necessary, it seems Kati. You are quite right about all those things. :slight_smile: