Romantic Songs

I’m looking for Romnatic songs from the recent 13 years, in English of course.
When I was younger, I loved to listen to Westlife, Natalie Imbruglia, Norah Jones, Robbie Williams and the like.
I love Romnatic songs but I stopped to listen and now I feel like I want to enjoy it again.
So, give me Romantic Hits from 2000 to these days, and please, I don’t like ‘‘Artists’’ like Lady Gaga and Rihanna, hey are cheap and industrial.
I want songs of artiats that sing from the heart, without metallic and
computerized sounds (you know, like dance music).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Come on Guys!

the list is a huge… I love to listen ballads…
So, some of them:
Pink Floyd - Wish you were here
Chris Isaak - Wiched game
Eric Clapton - Tears in heaven
Sarah Bridgtman - Deliver me
Brian Farry - Jealous guy
The Beatles - Hey Jude
Elton John - Candle in the wind
Kiss - Forever
Phil Collins - One more night
Air Supplay - All out of love
Adele - Someone like you
and this Sergej Cetkovic - Jos te volim

I skip that you ask from 2000 to today…

Hi, Ivana

Beautiful song and clip! I simply savored it!
I used to watch Jugoslavian TV programs in years ’80-’90, so I’m familiar with your music – beautiful melodies, easy to sing, like the ones of the “Magazin” band which was my favorite.

Hi, Oshik

Did you say “Westlife”?
How about this one? I’ve always liked it.

I don’t think that you want video clips, because you can find them yourself on the YouTube, right?
I don’t really understand.

Hi dear Monica,

thank you, I am glad to like it. If you want I can send you other nice ballads…
Please, feel free do send me your, I didn’t listen nothing in Romanian… I would like to…

See you,

What’s going on?
I have recieved about seven mails, answers on post Romantic Songs, but when I go here there isn’t any post…
Who and why ponder so often…
I’m waiting for real comment or song…

Hello, dear all!
Do you agree or disagree with the following saying, and why?

( Affliction is treasure.)

Sorry Asif,
I can’t help you. I’m not familirar with that and not understand exactly (Affliction is treasure).

But, If you have some romantics songs you can share with us…


Dear Ivana,

I must apologize for causing you trouble with my deleted messages. Yes, I deleted them immediately after posting, and I didn’t realize that you have already been announced, each time, to open them.
This is what I did: I replied to your message with a Ro. video clip and when I played it to see that it was OK, a little ad on some medical product showed up over it, in transparency.
As this kind of things hasn’t happened before, I deleted my message immediately.
I tried again, with the same song and … the same result, so I deleted it again.
Then, I changed the clip, then changed the band, then I tried again the following day, but each time, my links carried with them little ads and I couldn’t get rid of them, no matter what I did and I deleted them, each time.
This is why you opened them and didn’t find anything.
I’m sorry, please excuse me!


don’t apologize at all. I’m just impatient to hea your song. Just give me artist and name of song or find it on Youtube and copy URL and paste here…

I’m waiting and hope you will find a way to share with me…

Talk to you soon,

Hi, Ivana

It’s a very good band, named Holograf, and the title of the song I tried to send: “Primavara incepe cu tine” and another one: “Cat de departe”.

There’s another artist among my favorites: Stefan Banica Jr. and the song I tried to send you was “Super love”

See which one you like the most.

Enjoy our music and thank you for understanding.


Hello, Asif

When you say treasure you refer to something or someone very good and valuable, and priceless.
Affliction means pain and suffering or something that causes it (Oxford Advanced American Dictionary).

So, I don’t agree with the statement “Affliction is treasure”.
I can see nothing valuable in pain and suffering, even if eventually pain can lead to something good.

Do you see things differently? Any equivalence?


Hi Monica,
I listened all song that you recommong me… in first time in my life in Romanian… It’s a great experiance… I call that - sharing…
This is my favourite What’s mean Cat de departe? How far or ?

and of course dragoste - super love

Okay, I will send you some graat song, Tose Proeski, he is from Macedonia, but he died very young. His birthday was on January, 25. I adore him…
I hope you like it…

See you,

Hi, Ivana,

Yes, I like very much your song! This sensitive man had a great voice! Too bad and unfair that he died so young!
But I think he also had suffered from losing someone dear, because singers often compose songs inspired from their own life, so… who did he lose? Do you know?

I’m glad that you found and enjoyed my songs. Thank you for adding them in your post.
Now, please tell me: do these videos appear with or without ads when you watch them? Because when I open them, a little ad shows up immediately, the way it was when I wanted to send them to you. If you can watch them without ads, then it’s OK.

You were right: Cȃt de departe = How far and Super love = super dragoste

See you!