right elbow and left foot


The correct answer isn’t correct because the performer couldn’t balance on his right elbow if his left foot wasn’t on the floor. So he balances on his right knee and his left foot.

I hope you agree with me.

Kati Svaby

Hello kati,

The performer is balanced on his right elbow and his left foot. (He isn’t balancing on his knee).
I agree it would be clearer if the test said ‘right elbow and left foot’ but as the other options are clearly incorrect and as the performer is at least partially balanced on his right elbow, then the statement can be considered correct.

Hi Bz,

Confound it!
I focussed my attention on the picture and I didn’t notice that I wrote knee
instead of elbow. Then are we agreeing in that: The performer is balances on his right elbow and his left hand.
Let he/she who is blameless cast the first stone.
I am sorry that you didn’t think that it was a kind of typos.

Many thanks:

BZ, you see, I am very troubled that I made again a typos. I correct right now: The performer balances on his right elbow and left foot.