right back

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1.What’s your phone number, please?
214 32nd Avenue Northwest

What does ‘214’ relate to?

2.I’ll call you right back.
What does ‘right’ mean in this sentence? immediately? in a short time?

Thank You

214 refers to the number of the house or apartment. This is the person’s address (it is obviously the incorrect answer to the test’s question).

right = ‘immediately’ or more often ‘as soon as possible’, following some action on the part of the speaker.
For example:
I’ll check our records and call you right back.
I’ll go and ask him then I’ll call you right back to tell you what he says.

Thank You B., I 'm some confused about: on the part of the speaker.? Please explain…

following some action which is taken by the speaker (the person speaking).

In my first example, the speaker is going to check the records. In the second example, the speaker is going to ask a third person about something.