riding shotgun

I wonder if those sentences are meaningful:

  1. I’m not afraid to find myself/be proven wrong if it helps me better understand where I went wrong. (does “find myself” bond with "proven wrong)?
    2.How can you drive for hours? Now, after riding shotgun all day long, I’m feeling dizzy.

And, to save a thread: does it sound OK for you: “They are also the most successful side overall with nine triumphs, followed by six for AC Milan, five for Liverpool and four each for Bayern and Ajax.” (is “four each for Bayern and Ajax” the only possible way of expressing the idea?)
Thanks a lot.

They all sound okay to me.

Thank you, Beees, but can you come up with a substitute for “four each for Bayern and Ajax” or it’s the only and stonewall way of putting things here?
Thanks again.

It would have to be something like that. Possibly ‘four apiece for’ or ‘four for both’