resist vs withstand

Hi, every one.
I can’t tell the difference between ‘resist’ and ‘withstand’. Hope you help me. Thanks a lot.

‘Insist’ or ‘resist’?

Many thanks. It’s resist in the meaning of refuse to accept or be changed by something. I changed the topic already.

Hi Cinsite,

‘Resist’ suggests that you do not give in or surrender to as in: resist temptation, where you do not allow temptation to make you do something. ‘Withstand’ on the other hand gives the idea that you endure or suffer as in: withstand hardships and it has a much stronger sense than 'resist.


In addition, ‘resist’ has an active connotation-- something is done in order to confront the assault-- while ‘withstand’ is more passive-- one merely endures the assault.

Thank in advanced. I finished my homework now.