Research interests

Could you help me to correct or rewrite my research interests?
Thank you so much.

Research Interests

  • Virology and Infectious Diseases: Diarrheal viruses.
  • My interest in HCV has happened during the master course. My curiosity has aroused several questions concerning culture of HCV, mechanism of replication and persistence. Unfortunately, I could not enter the HCV laboratory due to the limited time for Ph.D. admission and professor was going to retire. So, I was advised by the officer of the AYF to continue my Ph.D. in the same field that I studied during the master course. My dream is raised again when I’ve found you are looking for postdoctoral fellow to work in developing helicase inhibitors as antiviral agents and the importance of helicase for HCV replication ( … r-virology). (Should I write something before ending?) To gain more experiences, I would hope to participate in your department for the postdoctoral fellowship program.