Request to rate my letter in IELTS writing task 1

You have lost your student identification card. This has created some problems for you.

Write a letter to the director of student services. In your letter

  • advise them of your situation
  • explain how this is affecting you
  • request a new card

You do NOT need to write any addresses. Begin your letter as follows:


Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m writing to explain my situation, I have lost my Identification card in the front yard of school while I was sitting with my friends, the card has my name: Ghassan Alezzi in addition my class number: A23.

As you know when someone loses his identification everything will be a little hard for him. To illustrate my situation clearly, couple a days I tried to borrow some books from the library but the employer had order my identification card because he cannot give me books without my ID. also I cannot access to the accommodation.

Before 3 days I have ordered a new identification card, but the student service office told it will take from 4-7 workdays, however, I have test in next 2 days and I cannot take the test without an identification card. I hope from you print my new identification as soon as possible, also I suggest to connect it with mobile numbers to avoid these cases in the future.

I looking forward to hearing from you

yours sincerely



Modern system don’t require any ID cards because they use biometric authentication methods.

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