[REQ] Translation studies - Text reducing techniques - help...

Hi again!

This time I have a big problem, namely: I need to find the definitions of those:

  • omission
  • condensation
  • economy
  • implicitation

The notions I have just listed above are the text reducing techniques when translating, even to be more specific, when subtitling.

If someone knows something about them, please help me!! :? I desperately need it.

Thank you!

Hi Karina!

Hope you like this little correction.

Quite difficult to give some correct definitions. Dict…leo. org. offers divers meanings. It depends on what context the above words have been used in. Could you give us more information about that?



Hi! :slight_smile:

The context of those notions is translating films - subtitling.

I need to explain these text reducing techniques when subtitling, why they are used, what`s their importance etc.

I`m puzzzled…

Ekhm… What dictionary? Could you specify, please?