Reputation of .us top level domain?

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How familiar are you with top level domains? I mean do you know pay any attention to them when you visit a website? Do you prefer a dot com domain or the local domain of your country?

Also, what do you make the top level domain .us?

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The .us domain belongs to a nation that is on a steep decline. It smells of rotten politics, a dying economy and a high crime rate. Stay away from it. Register a .ru domain or a .cn domain. They represent nations that are dominating the world.

I’ll have you know that the US Economy is on the mend, and in a decade or two it will be fully recovered from the recession. As a matter of fact, recession has hit the US economy in the past and it has always recovered from it.
So there’s nothing wrong with the “.us” domain.


I don’t think WhiteRussian actually means what he says. I take his comments more as some kind of humorous banter.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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On second thought I think I took his comments at face value and missed the humor behind them. =)

Is there any chance we can get the topic back to the initial question?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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As a Canadian I definitely hold our .CA domains in high esteem. US company’s usually forward us automatically to their .CA rather than their .COM if they have both. I think that major “country code” domains like CA, US, RU are often appreciated by people in the countries they belong to. Still COM, NET and ORG names and maybe some others are globally recognized and might still be the better choice if you aim to reach the global market.

I would still evaluate a domain name “as a whole” looking at the name itself, plus the extension. Having a “better name” is probably more important than having a better TLD (Top Level Domain).

The one situation where I think TLD would be a major factor is if the wrong country code is used. For example, a US company wanting to reach Canadian’s has a .RU name, even though it has no Russian office or any other ties to Russia. This makes no sense, it is inconsistent, and it may make visitors nervous especially on an eCommerce site with purchasing. For some country codes such as .CA, there are also rules about who can register the names. For CA names, only companies with an address inside the country may register that name. CIRA, the CA registration agency, does verification checks on addresses used by registrants, and can ban any domain that was registered outside its rules.

Goldhat, nobody outside of Canada would have recognize a .ca domain. The only country domains that are reconized worldwide are .cn, .ru and .su because they represent the most powerful nations and countries. Up until world war II Germany was a nation too. Hitler had the chance to make Germany the most powerful country in the world but Stalin was more ambitious than him and so the Soviet Union became the country that ruled the world. That’s why the .su domain is the best not the .us domain!