Reported speech: She said to me, "I will be back by...

Could you correct my 5 sentences (1-5) below.
I tried writhing “reported speech” based on 1a-5a
Thanks a lot!! :smiley:

  1. She told me that it had been nice weather the day before in London.

1a. She said to me, “It was nice weather yesterday in London.”

  1. She told me that she would be back by next afternoon.

2a. She said to me, “I will be back by tomorrow afternoon.”

  1. I told the child that I would give him 10 dollars if he washed my car.

3a. I said to the child, “Wash my car and you will have 10 dollars.”

  1. My mother told my brother that he would catch a cold if he didn’t put his jacket on.

4a. My mother said to my brother, “Put your jacket on or you will catch a cold.”

  1. He asked me if I wanted to eat something and added that there were some Chinese and French restaurants near here.

5a. He said to me, “Do you want to eat something? There are some Chinese and French restaurants near here.”

Hi Phoo,

Just two points:

by next afternoon. This is relative to now and needs to be changed to by the following afternoon as a description.

near here. Again this is relative to where we are now and could be changed to near there as a description or you could describe it as in the vicinity.

If you like, you could look at some material I’ve written for the site on reported/indirect speech


Hi Phoo

Sentences 1+ 1a: I changed the word order. (But it’s not absolutely necessary to do that)

Sentence 2: I added the word “the”

Sentences 3, 3a, 4, 4a: I added sentences (boldface type) simply to show the most “exact” versions of the reported speech. But, for me, your reported speech sentences were also OK in relation to the given “direct speech” sentences.

Sentence 5: You should change “near here” to “nearby”.


Oops! Alan posted his answer while I was writing mine.

Alan, Amy

Thank you very very much!!