Remembering vocabulary


What are the methods you use to remember new words?

I read my vocabulary notebooks as well as books.

I used to have a private book I call “My word bank” but what really works for me is when I know them by chance, or when there is a good story/situation behind the word I learn.

The same thing with me. It is well-nigh impossible for me to forget words that I hear when arguing with someone. I had an argument with a friend today. The words I heard are still babbling in my mind. So, I think it is a good idea to dispute from time to time. :lol:

What a coinkydink. Uggh, don’t you just hate that? But even good can come from that too. Plus, I believe squabbles, not just distance, make heart fonder, don’t you think? :slight_smile:

I do believe in that. Actually, you would not have squabbles if you you are not fond of that person. Only close friends have arguments over unimportant matters.

to remember the new words you have to use them in your daily life and you have to tell your friends about these new words so you can learn them by heart .

That’s a very good way. But first you need to how a certain word is used. It is always a good idea to google the word and read different texts in which the word is used.