Remain unchanged OR Remained unchanged OR Remain to be changed

Hi Everyone,

Could someone tell me the difference in meaning bewteen the following:

Remain unchanged
Remained unchanged
Remain to be changed
Remained to be changed

Thanks in advance.

Remain unchanged-- not changed at any time
Remained unchanged-- was/were not changed in the past
Remain to be changed – hasn’t been changed yet
Remained to be changed– hadn’t been changed yet

Hi Mister Micawber,

Thanks a lot.

What is the difference between the first and third one? And also the second and fourth. Can you give me example to illustrate their application.


They are different formations with different meanings. ‘Remain + -ed verb form’ = continuation of present condition. ‘Remain to be + -ed verb form’ = pending task. No doubt Google search will give you examples galore.