Regenerative vs renewable


Thanks to Torsten this question came to mind. The speech was about electrical driven or by hydrogen driven cars. I do not defeat that a bit more sustainable resources of energies were needed, I just wonder whether energies are renewable or rather regenerative.
From what I know, energie neither can be eliminated nor produced.


Well, energy can be transformed from one type to another. So the sun is converting mass to energy in the form of light, which is used, directly or indirectly for most of the “renewable” energy sources on earth - Solar, wind, and hydroelectric (wind and rain are caused indirectly by the sun’s energy). Tidal energy is also renewable, as is geothermal, but those don’t come from the sun.

From what I have seen, “regenerative” is usually used to mean energy recovered from a vehicle’s braking, which is returned to charge the battery. Instead of using friction brakes, the wheels are connected to a generator, which slows the vehicle down as it generates electrical energy used to recharge the batteries.


Exactly. It’s called ‘regenerative braking’ (or ‘regen’) and the process of feeding the generated energy back into the system is called ‘recuperation’. As far as I know, there is also the term ‘renewables’, a noun referring to any energy source other than fossil fuel.