Recent situation in tamilnadu

Recent storm/ Gaja cyclone, affected so many places in our Thanjavur District side. So many big trees had fallen down, since it has been lying down in the middle of the road, road traffic is very difficult, so many places have no power supply, some people had come to our place for their living, due to power cut, we do not how the situation will improve, really our state is suffering like anything for one week. Of course, we are in safety side, we could not tolerate the sufferings of our people. Please make correction Sir, if you find any mistakes in the topic. The topic message is real.

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Hi, I am so sorry to hear of this. We have had some bad hurricanes (what we call cyclones in the US) ourselves this year. Your writing was pretty good, but be sure to divide your thoughts into sentences. Here are my suggestions:


Thank you very much for your correction sir, Luschen.


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