Rearrange the sentences to make a logical dialogue

Teachers, please help me to check this. Many thanks for your help.

  1. What floor is your flat on?
  2. There are two rooms, a kitchen, a hall and a bathroom. The kitchen is rather large, it serves as a dining room.
  3. You have all modern conveniences, haven’t you?
  4. Yes, we have. Our new address is Leister Street 16, flat 22.
  5. Is there a lift?
  6. Yes, we have even a chute for refuse. Well, next Sunday we are going to have a house-warming party. Come to our place and see it with your own eyes.
  7. Is it very far from the centre of the city?
  8. Certainly, there is.
  9. Peter, have you already moved to a new flat?
  10. It’s a great pity, but we haven’t yet.
  11. Have you got a telephone?
  12. It’s on the fourth floor.
  13. Thanks a lot.
  14. It takes me about forty minutes to get to the Institute by bus.
  15. How many rooms are there in your flat?
    Answer: 9-4-7-14-1-12-5-8-15-2-11-10-3-6-13

You nailed it.

Thank you teacher!