real democracy

Real democracy
In recent years, in our country, there has been controversial issue over whether real democracy could be possible in countries where there are educated people or not. Some elite authorities strongly advocate this issue. However, this has resulted in a huge reaction from most people in society. In this regard, it is crucial to say that right to vote is not a privilege. On the contrary, it is a basic human right regardless of the level of education.

To begin with, it can easily be asserted that the notion of democracy compels individuals to show respect for educational, social and ethnic diversity of people. All people have different opportunities in their lives. For instance, a wealth of individuals are obligated to be born and grow up in insufficient economical and social conditions. Thus, they may have no chance to receive a good education. Nevertheless, the right to vote is one of the most important human rights. Therefore, on no account are they prevented from voting.

When it comes to another aspect of the issue, a great number of people suffer from lack of freedom in every country. Just as an educated person demands to have more and more freedom, uneducated individuals also desire to have more and more freedom at the expense of their lives. In this respect, the sense of freedom is not a special emotion of educated people. People who are make a considerable effort in order to gain their democratical rights constitute the vast of majority of society. Should we consider the right to vote as a indicator of ascendancy, this case means that we could not understand the notion of democracy properly.

On the other hand, it is alleged that uneducated people are not close to public affairs. However, they neglect such a crucial point that political and social events have an important effect on people’s lives. And, uneducated individuals are influenced by these events. In this sense, it can be undoubtedly said that because of the fact that uneducated people usually live in worse economic condition than educated individuals, they are certainly aware of economical and political developments.

In conclusion, taking everything that has been mentioned above into consideration, real democracy does not mean that elite or educated individuals should have right to vote. Moreover, all the people in society should learn how to reach an agreement in democratic debates regardless of elitist attitudes.

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