Reading section in iBT

Hello everyone,
I didn’t found a good place to ask my question, so I decided to ask it here- excuse me if its not relevant.

In the reading section in iBT TOEFL test, should we read all the passages?

I myself think we should because there are some questions that we have to know which paragraph talks about what.

Thank you in advance.

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Hello Mohkami,

A reading strategy is to first skim the text for a general idea (skim= to read quickly for the general idea), then you read the questions and then read in more detail for the answers to the questions.

The advantage is that you more / less know where you find the answer to the questions in the text.

I hope this helps.



Hey Ozzy,

Thank you for your correction it was late night and I was just going to sleep hahaha.

I really appreciate your time.