Reading less literature and its consequences

This is from Toefl ibt writing - task 1
The topic: The Reading and the listening both talk about the consequences of the reality of young people nowadays read less literature book.

This is my note on the consequences presented in the reading:

  1. No intellectual stimulation ->Lower: imagination, empathize, understand of language
  2. Lower level of culture: instead of reading novels and poems, they watch TV, listening to music and suft web
  3. Poor standard of reader: Authors lack audiences.

This is my note on the consequences presented in the listening:
The professor disagrees with the ideas presented in the reading.

  1. She thinks History, science, art, political book can stimulate people’s imagination b/c they are well written materials and contains useful info
  2. She states: Movie and music contain culture too. Nowadays, culture comes in many forms and these forms are more directly to readers/ audiences
  3. She thinks it’s the author fault b/c modern literature is sometimes difficult to understand.

here is my essay:
The professor says reading less literature does not mean it brings unfortunate consequences. This contradicts the idea presented in the reading passage that people read less literature than they used to do is a trouble.

To begin with, the professor states that many non-literature books are good reading materials. Using the example of books in many fields such as: history, art, science and politics, she shows that those kinds of books do stimulate reader’s imagination because they contain useful information and they are written in a proper manner. This directly contradicts the claim in the reading that only literature materials can encourage reader’s intellectual.

Next, the professor states that reading less literature does not mean our level of culture declines. Music and movie also carry culture values. She specifically states that nowadays, culture has many forms and movie or music is just a more direct way to convey culture. Again, this directly contradicts the reading, which asserts that spending time on watching TV, listening to music, instead of challenging novels, leads to us to a lower culture level.

Finally, while the reading’s argument that authors today lack audiences because of readers’ lower standard, the P states that sometimes, the fault is not from the readers. She argues that it is authors’ fault to make some modern literature so difficult to understand for typical readers.

TOEFL listening lectures: The professor mentions watermelons as an example of what?

Hi cam, I thought you did a good job on this one. I could not find the lecture for this topic online though, so I can’t really tell if you captured all of the secondary points. You seem to have done a good job of communicating the main points of conflict between the reading and lecture though. Your writing is clear and understandable for the most part, but you do have some minor errors and a couple of awkward phrases. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.