Read the passage and decide whether each of the following statements in T or F.

Read the passage and decide whether each of the following statements in true (T) or false (F)
They’re big. They’re strong. They’re tough. They’re also the stars of the most popular programs on TV at the moment. They are the Gladiators. At 5.40 every Saturday evening millions of viewers of all ages switch on. For the next hour they watch 4 brave contenders – 2 men an 2 women – take part in TV’s most grueling competitions.
In each program the contenders have to compete against the Gladiators in six different events. If they win they score points. If they lose they just get the bruises. The final event is the Eliminator. The Gladiators take a rest here, because the contenders compete against each other. They have to race over obstacles, such as nets, ladders and ropes. It’s a most grueling end to a grueling competition. But it’s great TV!
_____ 1. The Gladiators are small but very strong.
_____ 2. Gladiators is the most popular program on TV.
_____ 3. Only young people like the program.
_____ 4. The program is on at 5.40 every evening.
_____ 5. The program lasts for an hour.
_____ 6. All the contenders are men.
_____ 7. There are six events in each program.
_____ 8. If the contenders win in an event, they will get money.
_____ 9. The Gladiators don’t take part in the Eliminator.
_____ 10. The Eliminator is the easiest event.

1.F 2.T 3.F 4.F 5.T 6.F 7. T 8. F 9. T 10. F

Hello dear wolflowergirl,

Well I’ve the same answers :
1.f 2.t3.f4.f5.t6.f7.t 8.f9.t10.f

Many thanks!