Re-write the following transcribed words into English spelling

1- /ɪnkriːz/

2- /taʊ/

You know how we work by now… you have a go.


For the first one, it confuses me because there is a sound /z/
so should I say Increaze?

It’s Increase.

And if I say Increases , should it be /Inkri:sz/ ?

For the 2nd one I really don’t have any idea, the only word I thought of was tow or taw?

The second is ‘tow’ as it would be pronounced by a typically American accent (a longer vowel sound than that of the average British equivalent).

I suspect the first is just badly transcribed.

But I looked up the word “tow” in Cambridge online dictionary and it showed me the transcription /toʊ/ for the American accent not /taʊ/
Look here … ow_1?q=tow

Then perhaps that’s badly transcribed too.


actualy i like this we deal with such exercises in phonetics module in our university and in last exam i have 10/10

What is ‘taw’ and why is ‘increase’ pronounced with a ‘z’?