Ramadan gives our life more happiness...

Do you Know [color=red]Ramadan? :smiley:

[color=red]Ramadan month is from the best months for Moslems. And it’ll come soon after one month from now.
The most people Know there one month in the year the Moslems don’t eat in it from daybreak to dark fall, but anyone ask himself(why are Moslems doing that?)…

Let me explain what’s meaning [color=red]Ramadan for Moslems?

healthy direction: the scholarly researchers found it’s very important to give you stomach some of rest during year, to be able on removal all poisons from body.

But I don’t speak about this direction and you can found about it if you search on internet.

I want to talk about relationships in [color=red]Ramadan:

The first avail: when you feel in hungry. You will know what is fag feeling when he can’t buy anything for he eats.

the second avail: most of the year, members of family haven’t eaten with parents, but in this month you have eaten with all family together in the evening and talked about your daily life.
I mean the all members of family meet in [color=red]Ramadan.

[color=red]Ramadan learn the system and accuracy in your a appointments, because you must organizing yourself and your time, because you haven’t much time to do everything.

[color=red]Ramadan gives our life more happiness.

Mba :wink:

wow, Dark, It sounds so nice!!! People can always find excuses to enjoy the life. :lol:
[color=red] Ramadan , I hope it won’t last long because I would pass out without eating something. :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:
Well, could you tell us more about it? Why do you celebrate it? :wink:

How about infant, they do the same

Wow! What a nice post !

I’ve also got a question, Mba:
What about drinking between sunrise and sunset during Ramadan? Is that OK?

Why is it that most of the year people don’t eat with their parents?


Hi Dark

Thank you for the post!

As I understand, during the month a part of the usual day activity is also transferred to the late evening.

But what about changes (if any) concerning to other sides of the life (travelling, entertainments, etc)?

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Dear FangFang:

First… [size=150][color=orange]congratulation[/size]… Your posts became 200 :shock: :smiley:

Let me talk a little about Ramadan:

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. It is during this month that Muslims observe the Fast of Ramadan. Lasting for the entire month, Muslims fast during the daylight hours and in the evening eat small meals and visit with friends and family
During the Fast of Ramadan strict restraints are placed on the daily lives of Muslims. They are not allowed to eat or drink during the daylight hours. Smoking and sexual relations are also forbidden during fasting. At the end of the day the fast is broken with prayer and a meal called the iftar. In the evening following the iftar it is customary for Muslims to go out visiting family and friends. The fast is resumed the next morning

Amy said:

Dear Amy :smiley:
Yes , we can’t drink anything and I said that for FangFang Now thank to you for remember me that. :wink:

Amy said:

Dear… the best Amy :idea: in our location the big meal is lunch and our work ends in the afternoon so we can’t meet with our all family, but in Ramadan we meet and eat together everyday. :smiley: :slight_smile:

Tamara said:

My real friend Tamara :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :arrow:

Yes we have a lot of entertainments in our life and we can’t do it in this month but anyway we have a lot of entertainments in our life and I’ll give you some holidays in 2006:

o Eid-Al-Adha: February 02
o Muharramn (Islamic New Year): February 22
o Ramadan Begins : October 16
o Lailat Ul Qadr (Night of Power): November 10
o Eid-Al-Fitr (Celebrating the Fast): November 14

[size=150][color=blue]Torsten[/size], do you sad of me?

Ok I am sorry if I hurt you but Alan hurt all Moslems and Arabs.

Let me give you Islam’s substance, please:

Islam gives guidance to all aspects of life. Muslims cannot eat pork. Other meats must be halal (allowed) - the animals are slaughtered in a way that gives the least pain, and “In the name of God” is recited before it is killed. Muslims should not drink alcohol. [color=blue]we should not fight anyone except if we forbid from do our religion. They must not gamble. Muslims should give to the poor and less fortunate and [size=200][color=darkred]must be kind to strangers (all people).[/size]

Best wishes.


Hi Mba

Thanks. I didn’t know that, Mba. Now I understand better. When I was young, my family always had the main meal of the day at around 6 pm, so the whole family always ate together: 5 kids, Mom and Dad. (The dog was always nearby, too, because my baby brother always managed to drop some of his food on the floor ---- and the dog was always happy to “clean it up”. ;))

It must be difficult to go from sunrise to sunset without food, but it seems impossible not to drink anything all day long. How in the world do you do it? :shock:

So, about what time does “iftar” typically begin? Are there certain typical dishes? Is the prayer a long one or a short one?


Hi Dark

Thank you for the calendar :slight_smile: I like holidays and people who love them and really enjoy celebrating them :slight_smile:

My next question is about the events that finishes the month.
Last year I had a Moslim girl in my group and I remember that she was very excited before (and missed classes on those days) – but actually I know almost nothing about the ritual of celebrating it.

But am interested to know. :slight_smile:

Dear Amy

No, it is not impossible to go on without eating and drinking for eight to ten hours…since it is done! :lol:

This month is sheerly devoted to God. No eating, no drinking and no BAD work at all. In fact, this is the month to prove our patience–that in spite of all the luxuries present, we refrain from eating and drinking no matter how hungry and thirsty we are.

There are different kinds of dishes in Iftar time but not any particular ones. We start eating the moment the sun sets. And before the sun rise we are allowed to keep eating.

If you wish to know more…I am here. :smiley:


Hi, everybody

Tom said:

Hi. Tom

I glad to see you here.

you are right, this benefit (this is the month to prove our patience) from important things,and I gree with all your talked.

Tom said too:

you know Tom, there are a different habits between most countries in the world, and maybe you can tell our about your habits in this month (Ramadan ).

Tamra, My real friend here:

I want to speak on holiday finishes Ramadan before ramadan end. but no problem, I’ll talk a little on it:

When the fast ends (the first day of the month of Shawwal) it is celebrated for three days in a holiday called Id-al-Fitr (the Feast of Fast Breaking). Gifts are exchanged. Friends and family gather to pray in congregation and for large meals. In some cities fairs are held to celebrate the end of the Fast of Ramadan.

Dear Tamara I’ll talk along about it in Ramadan.


Hi Mba and thank you :slight_smile:

OK, I will be waiting patiently. :slight_smile:

Today is the first autumn day… not too long…

But, Mba, what about preparations before the month starts - are there any special ones? Maybe some special clothes to wear on or … I don’t know… I just remember that you took off you hair in your recent voyage - and I have no any doubt that it has some sacral sense/meaning.

Hi, T[color=darkred]am[color=red]ar[color=violet]a

When I read you write, I found a beautiful & sage woman. :smiley: :o :smiley:

Yes Tamara, you are right

the most moslems were ready their selfs for Ramadan and they change their selfs to are better.

Nothing about clothes you can wear anything, but I wear white dressing-gown in the evening when I go to masjed.

Ramadan for adoring Allah


Hi Dark,
Thanks :oops:

Is it given to us to know whether we’re actually getting better?…

Mba, I really like your warm post(s)… :slight_smile:


Ramadan is one of the greatest occasions in Islamic world , about me , I wait it happily , and I like it so much .Ramadan is that time of the year when Muslims recharge their spiritual batteries. For a whole month, they fast from dawn to sunset, and offer additional prayers at night. After the end of Ramadan comes one of the two Muslim festivals, a day of EID On this day, Muslims thank God for His guidance and grace in helping them to control their baser desires and fulfill their spiritual needs.

Ramadan is the month in which the Qur’an was revealed as guidance for all mankind. It is a criterion by which to distinguish truth from falsehood. The prophet Muhammad, on whom be peace, said that on each day of Ramadan God frees many souls from the Fire of Hell. Muslims should introduce the Quran’s teachings to others so that they too can have the opportunity to be free.

Fasting is a major feature of Islam. Many religions recognize the benefits of fasting, but only Islam institutes a whole month of it to secure its benefits for all its adherents. God prescribes in His Book that all able bodied Muslims must fast. This will develop in them a consciousness that will help them towards right conduct and prevent them from wrongdoing.

The general idea of Ramdan is how you can learn to be patient , not just about the food or drink or your prime body requests , but for how you can learn yourself to protect yourself or to refuse yourself to do or behave " all wrong manners or doings " that you might do them before Ramadan or you might do them at your life simply ,but you haven’t known that you did a lot of wrong doings .
the second general idea of Ramadan is to behave humbly and modestly .

To obtain this result, a Muslim must stick to both the formal and informal aspects of the fast. The formal aspects include abstaining from food, drink and sexual intercourse.

The informal aspects of the fast are just as important. The fasting person must abstain from lying, cheating, argumentation, fighting, foul language and every sort of evil. In this month, one has to cultivate a lasting awareness of God, and a keen sense to observe His commandments throughout the year. The Prophet Muhammad, on whom be peace, said that if someone does not give up falsehood in speech and actions, God has no need for such a one to give up his food and drink.

for example : when you are fasting , you mustn’t tell lies , and you mustn’t curse anyone , if you do that your fast will be false .
maybe you will ask me this question :
I’m fasting , but I’ve done " a wrong thing " maybe a lie or a offense or a curse or… any things are wrong , who can know me that I’m faster ?
the answer is very simple : Nobody can know you If you are faster or no , except : Allah , and you … so the referee of fast is yourself , and that is the greatest challenge for you .
30 days of fasting , then you will have a great gift from Allah , and It called Eid Al-fiter …


Dear All

Thank you (Mba) for your explanations about Ramadan and
thank to all people who joined in this discussion because it will give people the information that will decrease the distance between muslim and other people in understanding each other.

And I hope that you try to fast to see how fasting will make deferance for better

Thank you all

[size=200][color=orange]Happy Ramadan[/size]

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Hi Guys … :smiley: :smiley:

Today is the last day in Ramadan …Ramadan is month of love and the month of brotherhood and the month of mercy , and after 30 days of fasting , the time will come to celebrate …

[size=150][color=orange]Tomorrow is the first day of Eid …[/size]

tomorrow …you will hear the song of shaking hands in all streets …
The hearts are filled by love brotherhood …
The gift from Allah to all believers …
The Eid has three days …

[color=blue]So , Happy Eid to all Muslims all over the world and to all believers all over the world too …


Hi Dark Magician
[color=orange][size=150]Happy Eid to you too my brother.[/size]

hope you enjoyed in the Eid.
Mahmoud Khraim

you too

sweet and nice Eid To you

My brother Mahmoud

I hope see you in next Eid in Arafa


that is so true and so good
thankx alot for sharing this wonderful topic with us