Quote: The tree on the mountain...

Hello everybody

Could you please check if my interpretations of the following quotes are correct? :smiley:
(Source: Reader’s Digest, November 2000)

1- “The tree on the mountain takes whatever the
weather brings. If it has any choice at all, it is in
putting down roots as deeply as possible.”

I think the writer is comparing the “tree on the mountain” with a human being. A person has to accept everything bitter or sweet that life has to offer him. If he cannot stop the harshness of life, he can at least strengthen himself so much so that nothing in the world can frigthen him/ depress him." Am I right? :smiley:

2- Do not rule out working with your hands. It does not
preclude using your head."

I think the writer is referring to the bad feelings people have while they are working with their hands. Many a time they are with the idea that the work is below their dignity. The writer says working with hands does not cease the functioning of the brain…" Am I right? :smiley:

Please express your views.



Hi Tom

I think your first interpretation sounds good.

Regarding the second, That also sounds pretty good, but I think I’ll add a bit of interpretation:
Working with your hands is a respectable and honorable way to earn a living, but it doesn’t mean that you can stop thinking or using logic.

This quote reminds me of some of the workers who were involved in the building of my house. Some did a very good job. You could tell that they were not only skilled workers, but that they also used their heads. Others just blindly did their work, even when there was an obvious problem with doing the work as ordered by the builder (or the boss). :cry: