Quote: "Problems worthy of attack..."


Could you please shed some light on the given quote?

1- [color=red][size=150]“Problems worthy of attack prove their worth by hitting back”[/size]


“Problems worthy of attack prove their worth by hitting back”
We need to know the context to explain it properly.
It looks like a article headline. It must refer to some group who have problems or issues that need to be dealt with by the wider community. And the group are reacting adversly -in a hostile manner - to attemps to deal with them.

Can you tell us what or where the quote comes from.

My dear friends and teachers

I understood it this way.

The problems worth paying attention to are always the ones which come back with good solutions.

But, I am not satisfied with my own explanation. I need to see yours.


Hi Tom

I think that sentence is open to a variety of interpretations. It would depend very much on the context.

Here’s one of my thoughts:
If a problem is very easy to solve, it’s not really a problem.


Tom, can you tell us the context, or where you saw it.