Quote of the month: Invest in yourself before investing in stocks and startups

Invest in yourself before investing in stocks and startups.

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My first job in engineering was as a draftsman. After a few years I went out and started working as a contractor (similar to a consultant). I intentionally looked for contracts where I got good experience, even if the pay was lower. Rather than following the trend ( digital ), I went in a direction I thought my services would be in higher demand ( analog - very broadly speaking ). This turned out to be a good strategy in the long run.

This is what I often tell young people starting out. Invest in yourself by placing high priority on experience. College builds a good foundation to work with. Real education starts on the first day of work out of college. For jobs that don’t require college, it’s the same, only you skip the college part.

Good experience is everything in the early days. After a few years an employer will look at education for two seconds, then look at what really matters - experience.