Quote: Imagination is a good horse...

Hello everybody

Could you please help me with the given quotations? :smiley:

(Source: Reader’s Digest: May 1989) [b]

1-" Imagination is a good horse to carry you over the
ground—not a flying carpet to set you free from
probability." [/b]

I think the writer wants to say that even our imaginations our dreams should be realistic, not far-fatched ideas.

2- " A cliche is only something well said in the first

Is the writer re-defining a cliche?? I do not know at all.

Please simplify them for me.

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As to 1: I liked your interpretation. I think the writer sees imagination is a good and useful thing as long as you stay realistic.

As so 2: No, I don’t think the writer is redefining cliche. On the contrary! I think he/she has simply defined the word cliche in a more novel and less “cliched” way than usual. The meaning is the same. :smiley:


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