Questions: "Red" and "Blue"

Hello everybody

In the forum where I send my questions mostly (Vocabulary, Idioms and Grammar,etc), some threads are blue and some red. Could you explain the difference? Even in my inbox some mails are blue and some red, although I have red them all.



Hi Tom,

Do you access the forum from different computers or do you always use the same machine?

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Hi Torsten

In most cases, my PC. Why?



I’ve noticed the same thing. A titles of a handful of threads appear in red. Thery’re always threads I’ve read, but then again, I read the majority of threads.

This seems to happen even when I’ve logged in from the same PC for weeks.

I’m a little curious about the “red threads”, too. :smiley:


Hi Tom and Amy, we’ll check into the red/blue thread question as soon as possible. In the meantime, enjoy your stay here and many thanks for your support.


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Amy, is it just a typo or some special use of A?


Hi Mr. Typo Expert

That was a cut and paste typo. :wink: You may replace “A” with “The”.
([size=75]or vice versa[/size];)).

Themy :lol: