Question Tags: You are well-off, aren't you?

Hello! How are you?

E.X. You are well-off, aren?t you?

E.X. You are well-off. Isn?t it true?

Can I always substitute a question tag for the sentence 'Isn?t it true?? and mean the same thing?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you can, Jes?s.

PS: Thanks for asking how we are doing! Apart from the heat, everything is fine with me.


Jesus, please see below.

Can I always substitute’Isn?t it true?? for a ‘question tag’?

Substitute something= Use something

I hope this helps


Hi Jesus

I’d just like to mention two things:

  1. Question tags would be the more typical of your two options.

  2. As a substitute for a question tag, I would prefer
    “Isn’t that true?”



I’m not wishing to rock the boat BUT isn’t it true or isn’t that true sounds a bit stilted to me.

If you want a catch all word, simply say: Right?. That’ll work in most cases, right?

But you can’t beat a good honest question tag.