Question tags: Lets go, shall we?

Hi! How is it going?

“Let?s go, shall we?”

I?ve just seen this, but I can?t understand why
if we can say: “He doesn?t like apples, does he?”
We can?t say ‘Let?s go, shan?t we?’.

If the sentence above is right, then
“Let?s not go, shan?t we?” :shock:
Is it fine?

Please, help me to understand this.

Thanks indeed!


‘Shall we’ is the question tag for suggestions with both ‘Let’s…’ or ‘Let’s not…’.

‘Shan’t we’ can be used as a tag for questions like, ‘We shall have to work hard, shan’t we?’ It sounds a bit formal, though, and the most common way of saying this would be, “We’ll have to work hard, won’t we?”