Question sentences with Preset perfect + already / yet / still

I am wondering if the following sentence

Mr. Ahn wants to know Mary has shipped out the goods. So can I ask her like these?


1) If I surely expect her answer - Yes and I believe she has shipped out the goods.

Mr. Ahn: Have you shipped the goods already?


2) If I expect her not to ship out the goods.

Mr. Ahn: Haven’t you shipped the goods already?.


2) If I expect her answer - Yes or No

Mr. Ahn: Have you shipped the goods yet?


3) If I expect her answer - Perhaps No, and I guess she is going to do it.

Mr. Ahn: Haven’t you shipped the goods yet?


4) Just ask her about it, I expect any answer of hers.

Mr. Ahn: Have you shipped the goods still?


5) If I expect she doesn’t ship the goods until now.

Mr. Ahn: Still haven’t you shipped the goods?


PS: I surely guess 4) is wrong, am I right?


Most of your sentences are either wrong or very unnatural. Where did you find them?

You might want to take a look at this:


Hi again~! :wink:

I have learned theses usages by the native’s grammar postings.


After that, I have only one question.
I want to figure out the nuance between Yet and Already in a simple question, not negative question.

• Have you met her yet?
: If I expect a listener’s answer - Yes or No, As well I am not sure and see if the listener has met her. Just I guess the listener is going to meet her at some point.

• Have you met her already?
: I already know a listener has met her. When I am surprised at it or disbelieve or I don’t expect the listener to have met her, I can use this question.


You have described the difference between both questions correctly.


Broadly speaking the differences between ‘yet’ and ‘already’ are -

Yet - suggests ‘so far’ in the sense of ‘up till now’

‘Already - suggests something has been completed prior to the present.

Already is usually positive as in - I have already shut the door. - itt can also be used in a question form - Have you already shut the door?

Yet is like saying ‘not already,’which we wouldn’t say. It is used negatively, positively and interrogatively as in -

I have not shut the door yet. I have yet to shut the door. Have you shut the door yet?


Thank you.
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Alan, I am reminded of my school days when our teacher advised us to use ‘yet’ in negative and positive statements, and in negative questions.
Now, I see that it is used in positive questions as well (Have you shut the door yet?)!
Thank you.


But yest is only used in a limited condition,isn’t it?

For example) Idioms.
have yet to do.
be yet to.

Except for them, as far as I know, I have to use Still in positive statements instead of Yet according to Longman dictionary.

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Please see Prof. Alan’s reply above.
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