question on the use of a subjunctive in ths sentence

Hi, I would like to kow whether in the following sentence I should use CAN or COULD:

“the innvative points of this study are 1)… 2) the definition of curves that could/can be considered typial for a certain kind of materials”

One moere thing: the adjective MULTIFOLDED… can it be used to mean that a certain issue has several aspects to consider?

“… in a scenario as multifolded as the one described herein…”

thanks in advance


Hi masaria

From the little context you’ve given, it seems to me that you could use either word. The word ‘could’ would be more tentative.

You can say “a certain kind of material” -OR- “certain kinds of materials”.
I think the latter is probably best for your context.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard anyone use the word “multifolded”. Did you actually find this in a dictionary? I’d suggest using the word “multifaceted”:

“… in a scenario as [color=blue]multifaceted as the one described herein…”

Thanks for the tips…and sorry for my typo … :slight_smile:

As a matter of fact, I heard someone using the word “multifolded” with the meaning of “multifaceted”…but he was not a ntaive speaker.

I tink the word multifolded sounds fine, but I do not want to mislead he readers… I serched it on the internet and came up with several different things

In the context of your sentence, “multifolded” sounds extremely odd to me.