Question frame (Why does he acts in bewildered way?)

Hi ,

can i ask question like this “why does he acts in bewildered way ?”

is “bewildered” verb or adjective

i checked this word in "" site they wrote it as “adjective”

but i saw some sentences it acts as verb.

which one is correct ?


Here, ‘bewildered’ is an adjective modifying ‘way’.

“Why does he act in bewildered way?”
Not “acts”

Hi, MM

To be completely captious :), we must use the indefinite article in that sentence, mustn’t we?
Why does he act in [color=red]a bewildered way

Hi Lost_soul,

An interesting point. I have mentioned before on this distinguished forum that in the UK it is becoming quite common to drop the article before a qualified noun as in: We had wonderful holiday in France last week. Personally it hasn’t caught on with me and I agree that convention would require at least an ‘a’ before ‘bewildered way.’