Question for Mister Micawber!

[color=darkred]Hi Mister Micawber

nice to meet you

I wanna know How much we must know English Idiom or Slangs ?

you know when one persone like to go English Speaking Country , he (she) need to know about some Slangs or Idiom , I don’t know how learn them ?!

e.g soupose I’d like to go Ecuador (your country!) then I must know some Spanish (castelano) slangs ! how much ?

Thanks a lot

Abbas :wink:

Hello Abbas,

Well, my opinion may differ from other teachers here. I do not teach slang proactively. There is an abundance of slang; it varies considerably with age, social group and region; and it is always changing. It is a source of potential miscommunication if the speaker is unfamiliar with the culture.

There is no substitute for learning good basic standard English, which will serve you well in any English-speaking country. When you get there, use your dictionary and the help of your new acquaintances to learn the slang as you meet each case.