question about the listening passage no 2

hi, could u please explain following sentences from the listening passage 2.
‘‘I suppose that would teach fifth grader about the balance of nature’’
‘’ WELL, this web sit is gas’’
‘‘It will probably come in handy when he gives us homework’’
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TOEFL listening lectures: A university lecture by a professor of History … _term.html

A: Well, his website is a gas, at least! He’s got an hilarious little eco-game on it: shoot the wolves and see how many deer reproduce and eat all the grass!
M: Hmm. I suppose that would teach, uh, fifth graders about the balance of nature.
A: Hey, it was fun! Anyway, he’s also got some good information there-- it’ll probably come in handy when he gives us homework.

his website is a gas - His website is fun and interesting.
fifth graders - the person is saying that he doesn’t feel the game is very suitable for college students. It would be suitable for someone around 10 or 11 years old (someone in the fifth grade of school in America).
Homework - the speakers thinks the information on the website will be useful when they are asked to complete homework.

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