Question about passage: For instance, he'd like to outlaw all leads involving...

Hi, I have one question about this review.

Can you explain the bold portion for me ? I don’t understand it.
What do “outlaw,” “leads,” “archaeologists,” “remains of our civilization” imply ?

The way I perceive the meaning of the sentence, tired phraseology is simply writing cliche phrases and the quoted sentence “stumbling upon the remains of our civilization” is just an example of one.

But I could be totally wrong ^^

Can you make it clearer ? I still don’t get the meaning of the sentence. And what does “leads” here mean ?
I thought it means “example.” Is that right ?

According to Bartleby a lead can be :

So that can be a sound explanation as it relates with writing for newspapers.
Still, I am only guessing, maybe someone else can enlighten you a bit further.