Quantifier and Determiner

Hello everyone!
I have much problem in using quantifiers (a few, few-- little and a little.) My concept regarding its rule is clear but when it comes to practical usage I am unable to use it correctly. Please make me understand and help me in this context. Suggest me any good grammar book and website for the solution of this problem. I do not like to use incorrect and informal English.
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(An eager soul)

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Hello Naz.

Your question is very broad. The only real guideline for quantifiers and other determiners is that they come first in noun phrases (i.e. before any other adjectives).

If you are just talking about a few, few, little and a little, then I can tell you this:

a few (for countable nouns) = a little (for uncountable nouns) = some; not none.
few (for countables) = little (for uncountables) = only some; not many.

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