Qualities that children should have...

What are the important qualities of a good son or daughter? Have these qualities changed or remained the same over time in your culture? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Every person born in this world has certain rights and few responsiblities. Throughout the life of a person his roles and duties change depending on the relations that he is in. For example, a person who is a son, can also become a father and later on grandfather. Similarly, the role played by a person becomes different. This is the beauty of the life. This essay will discuss some qualities that children should have and whether these qualities have changed or remined the same over the time.

Firstly, It depends on the circumstances in which the children are because they will behave according to the experiences they have faced in their lives. The qualities may be present to some extent in every son and daughter but some qualities are inherited from parents as well. The qualities that children should have are understanding, obedient, caring, reliable, honest, etc. The culture I come from gives a lot of respect to parents and hence it is essential for children to have this particular quality. In many countries and cultures when children become independent they start giving less respect to their parents and it is also common to see that they absolutely abandon them. They either leave their parents on their own or suggest to them to go and live in the asylum for old people.These are the qualities which children shouldn’t have and under any circumstances shouldn’t acquire.

Secondly, with the passage of time people are becoming more and more independent. For instance, there is a great amount of increase in nuclear families nowadays in comparison to the past. This advocates that people want to be self relient and donot want anyone to be relying on them. Further more, children and especially sons these days give much importance to their spouses than their parents. In result, the situation of separation between parents and children arises. However, if the son has qood qualities such as understanding and reliability, then his parents would not have to leave or separate from him.

Last but not the least, with the recent developments the life of many people has improved. On the contrary, the moral values of people have decreased significantly. This has contributed in less interest of children in their parents’ life. Comparisingly, the quality of people was high and much greater in the past but now it has drastically descended by the bad influences surrounding our society in which we live.

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Some people say that charity organizations are established to aid people in the greatest need, no matter where they live. However, some may argue that they should support their own country first. Discuss and state your opinion.

There are many countries that organise many charitable events and establish different charity organizations. The funmental task of such organizations is providing aid to people in need all over the world. These charitable acts are very significant for the countries in which people are in need of severe financial and economical aid. Many people hold an opinion that these organizations should give their priority to people of the country in which it is situated. In other words, organizations should support their own country first and then be responsible for others. This advocates that regardless of the cruciality of needs of other countries, organizations should facilitate their own country no matter what.

On the contrary, many people argue that priorities should be given to those countries which have greater needs. By similar means, the people of poorer countries should be provided with essential aids and facilities.In fact it is obvious that if a country has a charity organization it can easily fulfill the needs of their own people. Therefore, its utmost responsibility is to cater others requirements when they are in extreme needs.

In my opinion It is the responsibility of the charity organization to make a proper channel through which it can identify which country is in greater need of aids. Only after realizing this can a country or its charity organization decide whether to cater their own country first or participate in delievering charity to others. Thus, these organizations have enormous responsibility of identifying and facilitating people in need. Personally i believe it is a moral duty to help humanity so where ever humans are in need others should give a hand to help them out.

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