Q:Integrated essay strucuture

Hi, everyone.
I have a question about the structure of the integrated essay. These days I read
the Barron’s book and it teaches this structure:

I read somewhere that this is called the block format.

The Cambridge iBT book, on the other hand, teaches another structure :

This is called the point-by-point format.

Anyway, I devoted some time to learn the block format, but now I feel that it is somehow inadequate.

So, what you think, which format should be used at the TOEFL ?

TOEFL listening lectures: Why is herring healthier for us than tuna?

I think Block format is good because this way you can explain your point well. By using this formate, you can elaborate your answer in time. Sometime you run out of time and you don’t even have sufficient time to edit your work. So in this way, you can manage your time according to the situation and can answer atleast half of the question well. IF I were to choose one of the above formate I would go for the first choice.

What’s troubling for me is that in block format I cannot actually give concrete answer of this :
How does the listening passage contrast…
How does the listening passage support…

My worries are that in the block format I usually start with such an introduction : “The reading section explains…bla-bla…but the lecturer, on the other hand, argues that …”
And then just giving short summary of main points of the reading, and then the main points of the listening. So, I am not actually answering the question HOW. Or I am just getting paranoic?

Hi there. I think this video tutorial, and the others related, may help you:
youtube.com/watch?v=og2U5Eaw … re=related.

In my opinion, point by point method is better, since it more clearly connects the two sources of information together. I believe that one of the weakest parts of the Barron’s book is the integrated writing. The author even does not know the exact sequence of the materials in this task, and thinks one may be required to, for example, summarize the reading according to the lecture! whereas the task is to “always” summarize the lecture according to the reading, and not vice versa.

Then you can go for the alternative method I believe. I think it would be good if you choose point by point method rather than summarizing from the reading and then listening section.

Thank you for the answers,guys… It looks like I am screwed :o I have only 6 weeks to prepare,and I’ve just stated to learn for the speaking section…

Thanks again and have a nice learning :slight_smile:

Hi all,
I think it really depends on the topic, how it is presented. Sometimes the lecture is supporting the reading passage with certain examples, sometimes they are presenting different point of view. The most important is the question that you will have after you listen and read it is a good indicator what you should do. I think that the construction of an answer is related to the content, thus if there is no opposite points to compare why would you have to use second ‘‘model’’???
Anyway you have plenty of time…:slight_smile: my exam is at 9.of October…by the way did any of you had a chance to pass this test more than once???