Putting someone on the couch and other expressions...

Here I am again. Got these phrases from the movie “I, Robot”. Please let me know their meanings.

1.) Spooner: You’re putting me on the couch?

2.) Dr. Calvin: Humoring you for no reason, why?

  • ‘humoring’ here cannot be directly translated as
    ‘joking’, is it?

3.) Sonny: I see you remain suspicious of me.
Spooner: You know what they say about the old dogs.

  • What is Spooner trying to tell about? What is in the
    ‘old dogs’ that makes the phrase relevent to the whole

Put on the couch is psycho analyse. Humour someone means let them do what they want because you like them and old dogs I imagine means people who have been around a long time and are therefore wise and experienced.