Putin must visit England.

I feel like, Putin must go visit England and pay respect to the Gracious Queen.

Long live the Queen!

Long live The Putin!

Why must he?

My bread.

He need to learn things from the aged queen.

Social visits are great politics.( Me mother )

Have fun.

The Queen may have a lot to teach him as well.

Have fun.

After England’s Queen and Thailand’s King we will not have any more wise king and queen.

What a shame. Great loss both for East and West.

Mankind is losing and losing its pride and grace.

Have fun.

Apropos of English queen, I had tonight a very long dream.

I was invited to GB royal court. Queen Elisabeth was already

retired. She had got from the government the small plot of

ground which was resident between the buildings of Royal


She had built there a pavillion and opened there a

coffeehouse; where she was a manager. I spent there nice

time gossiping with the lady Elisabeth
Then turned up the princess Anna. She took me for the long

walk. On our way we had to cross the shallow but very

muddy stream. To my great surprise, she went into it without

the hesitation. Nothing else remains to me be done as to do

the same. I don’t know why- but we had to throw away the

thing that looked like a small pontoon. When we did

so; there was a big blast. It started raining, and the

darkness came. I had to come back home.

I was very pleased, that i could make use from my English
As you can see, we never know what would be useful


Even if it was only a dream.


Have fun. I already have had.


P.S: Can anybody explain what this dream means?

That means do stay away from Charles. hihi.

Have more fun.

It appears they did enjoy each other’s company.


And the Queen looks very comfortable with this cunning Venus man.


In terms of diplomacy, no country is better than England.

I sink.

What a dream, dear Alicja!

I have always admired Queen Elizabeth.
Her appearance reminds me always about my grandmother who looked very much alike and who was also a lady – the most elegant lady teacher in my school and an example to follow in everything.

You asked what your dream means?
It means that I envy you! Why do I never dream? Do you lend dreams? Because I’d like to borrow!

Good night and many other sweet dreams! Along with better weather, though :slight_smile:
I mean, no more rain :slight_smile:


My dear Monica!

Talking about jealousy - I envy you, that you remember your grandmother.

The mother of my mother- had died, when my mother was 14th.
So I had no chance to remember her. I know her only from her portrait.
The mother of my father died when I was 5 years old. From my mother and other members of family- I know, that she was a real beauty, and similarly to grandmother of yours’, -she was always very elegant.

If you never have the night dreams, I hope and wish you- that
you always slept deep and soundly.

Usually I have very nice and colourful dreams…
I will try to send you some of them. You know- we are able always to reach a consent in every matter; like the mono-ovular twins.

I say -may somebody is trying to compensate my hard days;-by this way.

Thanks for praising my lunch!

See you soon( I hope).