Pupil's mark book

could you please help me to find the definite word for

  1. the book into which teachers put down their student’s/pupil’s marks, for example, for the parents to see them, or where pupils put down what their teachers gave them as housework. The student should bring this book along to school every day.
  2. the student’s book in which teachers at university put down his/her marks in the test or marks for their exams
  3. something like an oral exam but students don’t get marks for it, only the note that they pass/fail it. (pass/fail test?) and what does that note say, that we understand that the student passed/failed this test?
    Thank you.

Hi Inga,

I think the same word will work for #1 and #2. I think you can call them both ‘grade books’, at least in American English.

I know British English often uses the term ‘marks’ instead of ‘grades’, so it may follow that BrE calls them a mark book. However, we’d have to get one of our BrE speakers to confirm that, as I’m just hypothesizing.

For #3, are you asking about a term for the exam/test, or for the note/record of their success/failure?

Thank you.
And for 3 - both the exam and the record (the exact words teachers put down into student’s books).
We used to say ‘a record book’ for (1 and 2), but now I’m not sure it’s correct. (I’m almost sure it’s incorrect. :slight_smile: )

For # 3, you can call it a pass/fail oral exam and the grades to be recorded can be Pass or Fail. Also, instead of using the term “housework”, I’d like to suggest using “homework”.

of course, it is :slight_smile: (about ‘housework’: German influence - die Hausaufgabe, I’ve just started taking the course)
Thank you, Diverhank.