Punctuation question: All ... than you do.'

This question concerns quotation marks occurring at the end of sentences.

Take this sentence, for example:
All he said was ‘I don’t know any more about that than you do’

The question is how to punctuate the end of the sentence:
a) All…than you do.’.
b) All…than you do.’
c) All…than you do’.
d) none of the above

I guess the essence of my question is whether one can end a sentence with a quotation mark. I didn’t pay much attention to this in the past and used to do as in a). I have recently been told that b) is correct. I am least inclined toward c).

Brits supposedly are guided to do B; Yanks supposedly are guided to do C. I’m not sure how your question mark fits into this scheme.



Hello, Mister Micawber

If you were to write this sentence, how would you? If I am not mistaken, there should be a comma after All he said was

Waiting for the answer… :lol:


Hi Tom
I also will give an answer to your question.

I am sure that some people would put a comma after ‘was’ but others, including myself, don’t get too carried away with commas; we only use them ‘when needed’. :wink: