Proverb: "Behind every mirror there is reflection of another face"


Could you please explain this proverb to me–perhaps in its literal sense?



I’ve never heard this one, and cannot find it on the Internet… and cannot really see the sense in it, either. Perhaps it is the same as Heraclitus’ “you can never put your foot in the same river twice.”

I don’t know that sentence as a proverb either, Tom. I think the writer might have simply intended to play with two meanings of the word ‘reflection’.

Many thanks MM and Amy

Here is a 5 minute documentary–but you will have to listen to it only for two minutes. The speaker uses this proverb in the first two minutes. Thanks again


Even though you left out the word ‘a’, I still don’t know that as a proverb, Tom.

I do know one that goes something like this, though:

Eyes are the mirror of the soul.


I’m just at work now so i cant check the video (will do it later) to see how it is used, but i will take a wild guess for now.

I think what it might mean is that people have two sides to them. So when you look in the mirror, its you, but really
there is another reflection of yourself behind the mirror and that is the reflection of your inner self. As when we see our reflection in the
mirror, we are just basically seeing the exterior… but the reflection behind the mirror is the true you. Your soul, who you really are as a person.

I could be wrong, but i heard a similar one in the past and it reffered to the similiar thing i explained here…

which is basically what Amy said with “Eyes are the mirror of the soul” …

I think it would mean that whenever you look in a mirror you are not looking at yourself but just a shadow of you. Which could also mean that you can never truly see yourself in a mirror - that you have to search deeper than just a reflection.

Well, that’s my guess.