'protectedly' - how does it sound to you?


Could you say how the word protectedly sounds to you?

And generally, how do you deal with ‘-edly’ formations (in particular, I meet a lot in the IT area). Some are strange and funny

non-piratedly, for example :slight_smile:

I just love techies. :smiley:

Adverbs ending with -edly are not inherently bad, but the word protectedly does sound unlikely. Do you have a sentence to go along with that word?


Hi Amy

(Today) I’ve heard it on the radio (BBC World), but I met it in writing (definitely more than once) being used, for example, as in the phrase:
‘way/method for protectedly debiting an electronic payment’

Hi Tamara

I can’t remember ever having actually heard (or seen) the word protectedly used myself. So, it sounds odd to me despite the fact that the logic of it works in your sentence. :?


Thanks Amy.

…I never know how to deal with the formations that sound quite logical but are absent in dictionaries.

Another example if you want – adaptedly.
(‘adaptedly support’, ‘is adaptedly reused’, etc)

As more of a muddler than a solver, I submit:


I hasten to add that I find the formation a poor writer’s stopgap to better sentence structuring or vocabulary search: whatever is wrong with protectively and adaptively?