Pronunciation: When a word ending with 't' is plural?

when a word ending with ‘t’ is plural, for instance, ‘contexts’,how do we pronounce?


You would say the following - contexts English tests texts.


Hi Alan,

wow I must say: trying to speak out aloud what you suggested I broke my tongue. :frowning:

What´s more I not even got the point of it. Can you, please, clarify its meaning to me??? :?

Thanks in advance

Michael :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,

It’s actually meant to be listened to. I was asked to say how you pronounce ‘ts’ at the end of a word and those are the examples I chose.


Oh, thank you Alan.

I yet came to think that it was another tricky saying. :shock:

I really apologize if you felt bothered by my silly question.


Hi Michael,

No need to apologise - you never ask silly questions.


Is the following sentence correct?

The is a place where my heart keeps on conquering.