Pronunciation of some French names (e.g. Sophie Neveu)

Hello everybody,

I would like to know the English pronunciations of the given nouns. Could you please help me?

They have all been taken from Da Vinci Code.

1- Jacques Sauniere
2- Chateau Villette
3- Citroen
4- Sophie Neveu
5- Opus Dei
6- Fache

Many, many thanks in advance


PS: If you could give some examples rhyming with these words, it would be great help, too.

By ‘English pronunciation’ of foreign names, do you mean their original pronunciation with an English accent?

1- Jacques Sauniere => [ja:k so:n’je:r]
2- Chateau Villette => [sha:’to: vi’let]
3- Citroen => [sitro’en]
4- Sophie Neveu => [so’fi: n9’v?] (the sound ‘eu’ in ‘Neveu’ is like the German ‘?’ and has no exact equivalent in English)
5- Opus Dei => [‘opus ‘dei:] (or, with an English accent, ‘oup9s ‘dayee)
6- Fache => [fa:sh] (as in ‘marsh’)