Pronunciation of 'didn't'. Is the 2nd d in 'didn't' BrE voiced or not at all?

Hi everyone,

I was listening to the pronunciation ‘didn’t’ on OALD online and I noticed a difference in pronunciation; in BrE the 2nd d seems slightly voiced, perhaps not at all, whereas in AmE it it is clealy voiced. Am I right about this?


Lately I have noticed a lot of people pronouncing it “dint”, even here in the states.

The 2nd ‘d’ is voiced.
I can hear it in the BrE pronunciation on OALD. Where the pronunciation differs on that site appears to be not in the sound of the ‘d’, but in what comes after it (in BrE ‘-dnt’, in AmE ‘-dent’)

Thanks Luschen, Beeesneees

I’ve always used the BrE pronunciation, but it was not quite clear to me whether the ‘d’ was voiced or not. Some Americans say that I sound wonderfully British, but since I’m a non-native speaker, my auditory perception is a little different than that of a native.