pronunciation of 2 3/8

hi sir could u plz tell me da pronunciation of 2 3/8 which we solve like 8x2+3 =19… dis divided by 8…which becomes 19/8…

also wats da meaning of blah blah blah…?

Do you think that you could write your question in English first? These are not English words: u, plz, wats, da.

I agree with Mister Micawber.

P.S. Your fraction should read two and three eighths

da is Russian, right, Pamela? :slight_smile:

sorry sir for using wrong words…
do we pronounce it as two and three eights ?..
also whats the meaning of word blah blah blah…

As Pamela said,

Blah blah blah’ is an interjection representing useless, unimportant, or repetitive talk.

thanks a million sir

Yes, Haihao, ‘da’ exists in Russian and means ‘yes’ :wink:

Spaciba, Pamela.